Happy Are Those
by Brooks Harrington (Author)
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Two people from very different backgrounds and circumstances struggle together to find God in a world of random injustice and human evil. Paloma has suffered bitter poverty and neglect as a child and exploitation and addiction as a teen and an adult. John Levi is a lawyer from a privileged, sheltered home who answers the call of God to pastor an inner-city church. Together, Paloma and John Levi hunger and thirst for justice and mercy for the neighbors of the church and for Paloma and her daughter. At first, Paloma is angered by any talk about the presence and power of a God whom she believes has failed to answer her prayers. John Levi is convinced that God is calling him to rescue Paloma from her plight but crosses a line in protecting her from evil men. Facing the consequences of his actions, John Levi struggles with the limitations imposed upon his hunger for justice by the Way of Jesus. Both Paloma and John Levi transcend the crisis to find a new faith.

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June 02, 2022
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