Why him ? Why she ? Chance? Cupid? Certainly not! Ah love, we don't choose each other by chance! But then, why do we meet thousands of people and only love one? If every encounter seems to result from a series of unpredictable coincidences, each of us approaches it, unwittingly. But why do you stay with him (with her)? How many times have we wondered what drives them to persevere in unsatisfying relationships? No, that's for sure, that's not what love is. What is it then? A feeling that would make us immutably happy? Why ? Because what binds us to the other is inexplicable. Why does love hurt? Is the problem with love or with individuals? Why love? Why does love hurt? It's up to you to find out… For love is not enough?

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30 avril 2022
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1,02 Mo
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