The nomad with the silver bracelet

The nomad with the silver bracelet

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I looked at the war of skillful men who put themselves on a plain of eight divisions which they designed in a checkerboard square. Two sides face each other the princes went to battle yet none of the swords were drawn in the war nothing but a war of thought with signs and tokens they sealed and wrote with their bodies delivered to fight on the road. We can only jump at the beginning and everywhere in the three ladies with the queen who remains in the third row because she must advance with the horse by moving on a tortuous path in her actions she is careful. She must struggle or encamp, if her adversary comes to her for she protects her regent who must not fall into destruction at the power of the hissing foe. We will never grant her mercy or refuge or deliverance often judged by cracked people although we will not kill her but it is checkmate because the hosts around her are all slaughtered, she is ready to give her life. She enters this battle again because only death can give her glory. It's a game of chess...

It's up to you to find out...    

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30 aprile 2022
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