The Promise of Whiteness

Its Past and Its Future
by Martha R. Bireda (Author)
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During this difficult time in our nation’s history, with the focus on “racial reckoning”, it is crucial that Americans understand when and how our “race-based hierarchy” came to be invented. The Promise of Whiteness: Its Past and Its Future explores the psycho-social impact of the promise of “whiteness” upon the past and present-day race relations in the United States. The “promise of whiteness”—which includes the “place”, “privilege” or advantages of whiteness, the “power” bestowed by whiteness, and the “protection” from punishment for violence toward blacks—is examined. Crucial to the book’s concept is a discussion of the psychological needs met by whiteness and the needs, fears, anxieties, and dissonance produced as well. Finally, the book questions if the “promise of whiteness” is still viable in America as it has evolved into a multiracial society, and recommends that Americans, as a nation, commit to an equal society for all members regardless of race or social class. This book expands on several chapters previously published in A Time for Change: How White Supremacy Ideology Harms All Americans.

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June 22, 2022
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