Are you ready to share your passwords for love? What does sharing access codes really mean? Is it a roundabout way to have peace? A sign of trust or abandoning your secret garden, should you share your passwords with your spouse? Give your Facebook password to darling? The one from his mailbox? Share your mobile lock code? There are those who answer "obviously" and those who say "out of the question" Should you share everything with your other half? A passion beyond passwords! Even his passwords for the various social networks and messaging services? A question of age? A question of trust? What do you think ? Do you share all your passwords with your significant other? Is it a mark of confidence or a means of monitoring the other? It's up to you to find out… Today, exchanging passwords has become a sign of commitment, love and devotion, but what to do when the relationship turns sour?

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30 de abril de 2022
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