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#1 I had a very difficult time understanding my position in my family. I was extremely loved by my family, but I was also extremely confused about my position in the community.

#2 I eventually learned that my parents, Rose and Jack Clapp, were actually my grandparents, Adrian was my uncle, and Rose’s daughter, Patricia, was my real mother. I was named Eric, but Ric was what they all called me.

#3 I grew up in a small rural community in England. Ripley was the main shopping town, and there were two butchers, two bakeries, a grocer’s, five pubs, and a blacksmith.

#4 I began to withdraw into myself, as I was not made privy to the choices made within my family regarding how to deal with my circumstances. I observed the code of secrecy that existed in the house, and created a character for myself, named Johnny Malingo.

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