1,111 Excuses, Evasions, White Lies and Fibs

1,111 Excuses, Evasions, White Lies and Fibs

For being late or not coming, for things not done and mishaps, for speeding and parking, for bad grades, bad karma and other human weaknesses...
by Fine Findig (Author), Candice Canny (Author)
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Who hasn't experienced this: you are late or have forgotten an appointment, missed a birthday or even your wedding day, or you haven't yet managed to complete an important task.
You got a bad grade at school, you can't concentrate, you can't or don't want to give a presentation, you or your colleague can't be reached, something breaks, you don't feel like cooking or cleaning the house--time and again you find yourself in unpleasant situations where you don't have the right idea.
It's no longer hard to know what to do, because among the 1,111 (and more) excuses, evasions, white lies and fibs, you are sure to find one that will quickly provide you with a good explanation.

Publication date
May 04, 2022
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