Poems of Reflection

Poems of Reflection

Pan Poetica
by Jørgen Panduro (Author)
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Poems of Reflection is a book in the poetry collection Pan Poetica which touches on different topics such as reflection, concepts, being, emotions, freedom, beauty, philosophy, life, behavior, existentialism, and phenomenology. These could be topics that matter to most people to some degree and also are subject to debate, as they usually encourage contemplation and reflection. These topics could even matter more when they emerge in poems, as a topic can be displayed very concentrated when in a poetic context.

The purpose of the poetry collection is to create reflections by putting words, language and meaning into the world we live and act in, with the phenomena that arises.

To obtain this purpose, each poem is followed up by a few questions, which can assist in further interpretation than your current one. The questions can be both philosophical, thought provoking, strange or existential. For some, they may seem challenging to answer, as it might be difficult to grasp the meaning by the question in relation to the poem.

Publication date
May 04, 2022
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