Sustainable and Environmental Quality Standards for Hotels and Restaurants

Sustainable and Environmental Quality Standards for Hotels and Restaurants

Part two: Quality management for hotel accommodation
by Frank Höchsmann (Author)
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The hotel and tourism industry is changing worldwide and is experiencing stormy times right now. On the one hand, we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand with the digitalization wave and changes in tourist and guest wishes.

We have taken on these great challenges and present you with sustainable and environmentally friendly quality standards for hotels and restaurants. We have divided the quality standards into three reference books to make them handier.

The first part (book) contains quality standards for the management, the second part covers quality standards for the hotel area and the third part the ones for the restaurant area.

This part contains the quality standards for the hotel accommodation: reception and reservations, housekeeping, and maintenance as well as spa and wellness.

By implementing sustainable and environmental quality standards, energy and water consumption is demonstrably reduced. On the other hand, the efficiency and motivation of the employees increases.

Publication date
May 05, 2022
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