Silas, A Vampire's story

Silas, A Vampire's story

Part 1
de Gloria Gaudin (Autor)
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I, Silas Griffin, died two hundred and forty-two years ago.

It did not, however, happen the way you might think. Unlike many other unfortunate souls, I was not the victim of a vampire attack. No, I forsake my human life willingly. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I had rushed toward it, embracing the unknown doom. I was so young and foolish, selfish even. Over the years, I have found myself questioning the real reasons why I had chosen this path.

Do I regret it now, you may wonder? I do not, not anymore.

A bloodthirsty beast first opened its crimson red eyes in the winter of 1720.

The new cursed Silas Griffin, a vampire.

Welcome to my story.

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5 de mayo de 2022
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