Summary of Mary McDonough's Lessons from the Mountain

by   Everest Media (Author)
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#1 My father, Lawrence McDonough, was a working-class man who had risen to every challenge. He had instilled in me a rock-solid foundation of love, protection, political involvement, right from wrong, Catholicism, a fierce work ethic, and intense self-scrutiny.

#2 I was born and raised a daddy’s girl. He taught me to drive, and then a few years ago at a reunion, at least seven people told me he had also taught them to drive. He was a man dedicated to change, even if it was just to change someone else’s mind.

#3 My mother, Elizabeth Murray McDonough, is the second strata of my mountain. She was beautiful, always. She had a flair for fashion and wore the gloves, hat, and matching purse to prove it. She was the first person who taught me to be independent and to create my own life.

#4 I was always a dancer, and I loved it. I learned ballet, jazz, acrobatics, Hawaiian, Polynesian, and tap. I was never great at tap, which I attributed to my poor math skills. But I was always proud of my ugly feet.

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