Distal Watchman

by Mac McClelland (Author)
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Navy Lieutenant Julia Whitlow and NCIS Investigator Stephanie Duggan are kidnapped off the street in Naples, Italy, and forced into a global prostitution ring based in Kyiv, Ukraine. With no chance of escaping and no communication with the outside world, the women do what they must to survive, being ferried around the world to satisfy the escort agency’s clients who demand only the best.

Marine Corps Captain Katy Morgan and her newly formed hostage rescue team are summoned to the White House, where President JoAnne Rush initiates Operation Distal Watchman to find and rescue the women. A cat-and-mouse game ensues, with the agency going so far as to sell the women to terrorists to avoid being attacked by the U.S. military force.

Katy and her team use wits and cunning to overcome the obstacles on the path to freeing the women, along with the firepower the team brings to bear against a superior force bent on keeping them and repelling their liberators. Where are Julia and Stephanie, what condition are they in, and will Katy get there soon enough to save them?

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June 19, 2022
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