Phil's First Adventure

by Philip Beggs (Author)
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Phil's First Adventure is a book of pomes, all written by me.
In a ever increasing dark world we're living in, I want to bring some light into the situation and expose the darkness.
I want to encourage people and tell them that there is a Pure Hope we can all call on.
His Name is Jesus Christ.
He is The One True God.
He will give meaning to your life.
He'll give you a Hope and a Destiny.
He Loves you with All He is.
He wants to give a Blessed life and a Hope for the future.
Jesus will bless your life beyond measure.
Jesus Christ is the Good News of The Truth of Who God is.
He has a plan for all of our lives and an amazing destiny for us to walk in.
With Jesus, we can be a Bright Light to a dark world.
I want to love and encourage all who are in need.
I will build people up and I'll encourage them that they can do amazing things in this world.
With God, All things are possible.
God can do all things.
We can do all things through God and with God.
God is Perfect Love.
Jesus Christ is The One True God.
Be Blessed.

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June 21, 2022
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