Why Somalia does not get the right direction

Why Somalia does not get the right direction

by Mohameddeq Ali Abdi (Author)
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Somalia's problem is complex, but the question is, can the Somalia problem be solved? And can Somalia get the right direction?

This book explores profound problems that Somalia has been facing and is still facing while addressing: why Somali politicians not stand up for their country and lead their country towards the right direction; Can the Somalis harness the ideology of clannism and use it to build Somalia's nation-state; why is Al-Shabaab always getting stronger day-by-day, how can it be rooted out from Somalia and how do we integrate the reformed militias? Can Somalia form a national army that has total support from the civilians? Can the Somalis deliberate and provide homegrown solutions and implement them without being put under duress

Publication date
May 06, 2022
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