Passion and Power

by Michele,John (Author)
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John Verra is a young man moving to a much bigger stage. He arrives with a love and belief in the founding principles of our country. He is not in Washington, DC, but living in another shinning city on a hill, or so he believes, Boston, Massachusetts, a town where he attended college and falls in love.

As a member of the city council, a seat in Boston's governing body, attained because of the sacrifice of a new friend, he eventually realizes he is politically naive and inexperienced and to some of like mind, to be worthy of their attention. To others to be used.

Who should he trust? Too many in and out of government have their own personal agendas. So does he. His beliefs about government are based upon essentially three human qualities--a passion for power and where it can take one, personal freedom, not given by the laws of government but by God; and the recognition that none of us are angels.

Why does he visit the country of his grandparents, Sicily? What is he looking for, and where will it take him with his beliefs strengthened or compromise to get along as do many?

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June 27, 2022
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