Erotica Extreme

Erotica Extreme

de Houston Cei (Auteur)
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Loretta is blessed with an angelic face and a curvaceous figure. With her dynamic personality, she charms virtually everyone. Family and friends see her as "a little bit touched" but love her anyway. She teaches her husband and daughter the joy of family love and prompts her neighbors to follow taboo ways.  Her daughter marries her soul mate and together they are caught up in Loretta's web.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The instant Lucy's eyes met those of Sergeant James Bailey it was something like proverbial love at first sight. Lucy was entranced by his Cajun-like green eyes and his head of thick, curly dark hair. She walked briskly to the row of soldiers ready to be chosen as she was thinking, just the right size, not too tall, not too short. I bet he has a nice physique inside that immaculate uniform. The three sergeant stripes and a patch that indicated 'Airborne' along with a rope on his arm were impressive.

As they waltzed slowly to the first song, they exchanged several friendly words  in getting acquainted. Lucy felt as if she could not have possibly chosen a better partner. James was a handsome young man who looked and spoke like a model soldier. James was also pleased with Lucy as a partner. He was thinking, some girls are pretty but not sexy and some are vice-versa but this one has it all.


Two long waltzes were followed by a fast upbeat rock hit in which James and Lucy both proved to be fabulous dancers. The music continued for over twenty minutes without interruption. The highlight of the sexy couple's dance patterns was Lucy's twirls which featured her loose short skirt looking like an open umbrella to betray her panties and all of her shapely legs. For James, her legs qualified as "thunder thighs" and that was his weakness, especially so when they included the perfect curves of the calves below.

As the dancing continued, the General announced that ladies were now allowed to cut in. James and Lucy were apart for several dances but they both knew that a chord was struck. When the General finally announced that it was time for square dancing, there was a chorus of cheers, shouts and whistles from the soldiers. All the Gis remembered the previous square dances and enjoyed them above all. Everybody got a kick out of seeing their commander totally out of character as the caller of the movements. He was exceptionally good and charming as he would call out the moves in hillbilly fashion. Those ladies who had their first choices went back to their original partners. James and Lucy were all smiles and laughter and they danced in rhythm to the General's call of the movements of swing your partner round and round, promenade, allemande left, do-si-do and so forth.

When it was time to leave the party, James and Lucy both knew with no words spoken he would be taking her home. The next phase of their first time together would be happening and only Lucy knew how it would come to a close. They enjoyed a non-stop conversation all the way to Lucy's house. After parking, he said, "I hope you don't feel offended but I feel that I just have to compliment you on your legs. They are beautiful, number ten. When you did your twirls as we danced, your skirt was..."

"Like and open umbrella," she said in interruption. "You also saw my panties and I'm not offended."

"Thank Heavens!" he exclaimed.

"I'm going to take that to mean that you are attracted to me as I am to you. We need to get to know each other a little better before it can be serious..."

Her short skirt was already  hiked to bare half of her thighs. It was obvious to Lucy that he had difficulty keeping his eyes off of them so she hiked it up to bare all the pretty skin of her thighs.

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9 mai 2022
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