Relational Christianity

A Remarkable Vision of God
by Wesley M. Pinkham (Author), Jeremiah Gruenberg (Editor)
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This work begins with a transformative idea: human existence is fundamentally relational. Relational Christianity explores how the nature of the Trinity must define the Church and the Christian spiritual life. Utilizing Scripture, Christian spiritual tradition, and philosophy, Pinkham and Gruenberg paint the picture of a Trinitarian, Jesus-centered Christianity, led by the Father and explored in interpersonal oneness. In this view, God's intimate, unifying love is the theological river that runs through the landscape of biblical revelation and through God's movement in history.
This work of Trinitarian practical theology suggests that the relation between Father, Son, and Spirit should shape and guide all Christian interactions--with God, with others, and with self. In the paradigm of relational Christianity, the formation of genuine personhood and identity are based upon relational connections--first with the Trinity, and second with God's family. The shape of the new covenant community must reflect the Father's nature. Church culture must prioritize relationship in the same way the Trinity does.

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June 21, 2022
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