Asemic Writings 2

La Mancha -The Unforgiven
by Mark Urizar (Author), Zbigniew Jaworski (Author)
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This coded asemic book has many deciphered messages that reveal an intriguing tale of the unforgiven, La Mancha. This sentenced individual accrued substantial karmic debt that caused a cosmic imbalance. This had to be corrected and reconciled. For just punishment, a miserable life full of hardship was fated.
The accrued karmic debt is the sum of all the resulting bad we had done. These are our bad choices, decisions, brutal acts, past sins, and misdeeds waiting to be reconciled. Death does not erase these, nor does karma dismiss or forget these. Rather, they become the karmic debt that will outlive us, our flesh, and will be remembered, passing onto all our future incarnations.
Whilst freedom tempts us, we are required to live just, moral, and ethical lives. We are also obliged to atone and reconcile all the bad we had done. Life provides ample opportunity and time to reconcile this. And we are afforded many lifetimes to repent, atone for our sins, and redeem ourselves. However, we must choose to do so.
La Mancha had failed to do so and remained unrepentant. For an eternity, persistent bad was done that eventually forced karma to intervene and punish this unrepentant soul. This led to this fated, sentenced life of inescapable misery. This is the story of the La Mancha, the unforgiven.

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June 26, 2022
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