Summary of Barney Hoskyns's Major Dudes

by   Everest Media (Author)
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#1 I was initially reserved about the new group Steely Dan, but my interest was high after I heard them play live. Six people: keyboards, drums, bass, vocalist, second lead guitar and lead guitar who also doubled on steel and congas.

#2 The band was put together around the four of them. They added Denny Dias, the second guitar player, whom they’d worked with before, and Dave Palmer, the singer. He joined the group when they were half through with the album.

#3 The band wrote a lot of classical and jazzical music, which was a very unstable combination. They didn't feel it worked. It was a very unstable combination of rock and jazz.

#4 The band has been together for almost ten years, and it has become a group effort as they play together more. They are not as egotistical as they might be, and they want to work professionally.

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