Seven Days Of Sin

Seven Days Of Sin

The Slutwife's Tale
by Tia Lascivo (Author)
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Carla's husband works away a lot. When her husband's out of town, Carla goes out to play. She's hot, mature, and loves young guys who can go all night.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Carla said: "Hey, how about we grab a coffee or something? You can give me feedback on how I did as your counselor. Maybe a critique on what I did well, what I could improve on in future...?"

Carla saw reluctance, disappointment a heavy drag at her guts.

Mikey glanced at his basket.

Looked back at Carla.

Said: "I can't, Mrs. J. I gotta get this to my grandmother."

Carla pouted.

"Oh," she said.

"I would, but, you know," Mikey went on.

He shrugged.

Carla's mind worked with computer-quick speed.

She asked: "Does she live close-by? Your grandmother."

Mikey nodded.

"Couple of blocks."

"Did you walk here? Ride a bike? Did you drive?"

"It's not far to walk, Mrs. J."

Carla seized the moment.

She paused like she was thinking.

Drawled: "Okay, so..."

Mikey was looking, a frown creasing his flawless brow.

Carla added: "How about I give you a ride? If it works for you, we could drop the groceries off and then go over to my house?"

It looked like Mikey was about to decline.

Carla said: "Oh, you're busy, huh?"

Mikey shrugged.

"Not busy, Mrs. J. I ... I, uh, I just don't know about going to your house. I mean, is it even allowed? I'm a student, you're my counselor..."

Carla chuckled and rolled her eyes.

"It's just coffee," she said.

Doubt persisted in Mikey and Carla pressed on, determined.

"And you're not under my guidance now. That was what ... six, seven months ago, right?"

Mikey shrugged and nodded.

Carla kept at it, working on instinct and experience. She didn't want to give Mikey time to think. She had to keep pushing.

"It's no big deal. Just coffee and a talk. It really would help me out," she said.

The up-and-under, doe-eyed plea she gave Mikey worked to Carla's favor.

"Well, I guess it'd be okay. If your husband's cool about it. You're married, right, Mrs. J? I mean, I know you're a Mrs. but you're not divorced or anything, huh?"

Carla shook her head.

Showed her left hand.

"Married," she said.

Mikey kept on looking.

She added: "And my husband's fine. I have a room at home I use as an office. It's all professionalif that's what's bothering you? I'll log it in my diary so we're above board."

It was a thrill to see Mikey nodding.

"No, it's all good, Mrs. J. I just didn't want to get into troubleyour husband, school, you know?"

Elation surged when she heard Mikey say it, but Carla suppressed the excitement, forcing herself to play it slow and calm.

"It'll be fine. Now, let's finish up shopping and get the groceries to your grandmother's house," Carla said.

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May 11, 2022
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