Free Latifa

A Choose-Your-Own-Problems Tale
by Matthew Vandenberg (Author)
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As the Australian ambassador to Amériçaisia (formally the United States), you decide to take a break in Dubai. But there's no escaping your intriguing title.

Meanwhile, a princess is in distress; an obstetrician needs some relief from her stressful occupation; an emir is ruthless; a blind man is switching gears; and who wants you dead for pushing the emancipation of women?

You just want to buy an island off the shore of Dubai, but you have CHOICES to make. You have MANY CHOICES to make.

You choose your path, dear reader. There are only a few ways that you'll make it out alive. Happy travels.

And feel free to skip italicized homonymal paragraphs, as they are convoluted and non-essential.

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Publication date
June 30, 2022
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