Hidden Truth & Open Lies

by Oma (Author)
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A story of survival, my survival of abuse by a Mother with Maun??? by Proxy.
I am now sixty three years of age. A miracle that I am sane and alive. My story has taken me years to write and edit as the memories of reliving the abuse continued cause deep sorrow and pain.

It is only after I had completed my story that I felt a freedom and release of the chains that had suffocated me throughout my childhood and later my adulthood with most abuse sufferers it is hard to break the chains. I was able to do that only when I helped nurse “my father” and mother refused to acknowledged the hidden truth of my parentage.

Her open lies continued until the day she died. Instead of physical pain she continued to cause emotional pain. As I was no longer in contact with her. I am about her comments through family overseas and relationships with my adult children.


It is my hope that my story can assist others in identifying similar symptoms in others and to report and help that child so that the suffering can stop. Children are our future not our pawns.

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June 29, 2022
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