The Teacher's Principal

How School Leaders Can Support and Motivate Their Teachers
by Jen Schwanke (Author)
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What motivates teachers to put forth their best efforts in the classroom

How can principals understand what drives each teacher and use that information to encourage practices that lead to the best outcomes for students?

If teachers are struggling, what can principals do to help them succeed?

These questions and many more are thoroughly explored in The Teacher's Principal, an invaluable roadmap that all principals can use not only to support teachers who are doing good work, but also to help those who are faltering to get back on track. Taking a compassionate, holistic view of what drives teachers, veteran educator Jen Schwanke explains their three key motivators:

* Purpose, which reflects teachers' foundational values and reasons for teaching;
* Priorities, which reveal how committed teachers are to student learning; and
* Patterns, or the visible habits and routines that propel teachers' daily decisions.

Understanding these "three Ps" will help principals ensure that teachers' practice aligns to what's best for students--and that teachers are happy, motivated, and effective at their jobs.

Filled with real-life examples, practical suggestions, and hard-won lessons, this book walks principals of all grade levels through dozens of powerful strategies for supporting teachers in ways that benefit everyone in the school community.

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