Orb Spiders are Summoned for Protection in Waterfall Bay

by Bennett,Donna A. (Author)
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When nine-year old Lezah moves with her mother to the town of Rambling Woods, her life changes forever--longing for adventure she explores her new surroundings, including the town library. As Lezah reads the book, she is transported to a mystical rain forest called Waterfall Bay where she quickly meets new friends.

There lived a wise water lily named Hazel. Being of sound mind and strong constitution as a human being, she mastered the ability to transform herself into a more-than-average-sized water lily. Her secret life in Waterfall Bay was unknown.

Waterfall Bay was a tropical rain forest on planet Amazonika's southern hemisphere. Having a love for butterflies and their many species, Hazel has to come to terms with confronting a lost Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterfly named Maya, who wants to take on the human form of a little girl. Maya has an amazing spirit and finds love, family, and friends added to her own family that she thought she lost but later were found.

Lezah's mother in the story, Zora, finds herself in a place she never thought existed when she discovers the library book found by her daughter and what lies inside. Finally, they all encounter their own unique abilities as changes were made in their lives.

War takes place in the rain forest; they must find a way to protect themselves and the fate of a new world that's coming. They face distractions made by Jeebu--an evil tyrant and shape-shifter who set out to take the orbs from the cities and their planets, leaving them helpless and weak. The orbs are the main power source for their planets.

The orb spiders are all around as they enforce protection in the rain forest of Waterfall Bay. Not only was there a war taking place, but there's also a lost amulet wrapped in an indigenous African textile made of interwoven cloth with strips of silk and cotton, which had been stolen from a place called Peaceful Trees.

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July 06, 2022
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