Unlocking the Treasures of God

de Braxton,Candace A. (Auteur)
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Unlocking the Treasures of God is written to inspire individuals to reach their full potential by knowing who they are in Jesus Christ and that they are limitless beings if they put their faith in God. It explains Romans 10:9–14 and 10:17 (NIV) in a simplified and creative manner. We have unlimited potential, and God’s children have to claim the promises of God by faith that God will do exactly what His word says. Unlocking the Treasures of God is designed to walk a person through the process of having a fulfilling life of divine guidance and favor. It is created to enlighten individuals about trusting in God’s word and experiencing a daily relationship with God as we learn to practice His presence with us no matter what situation we are in.

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11 juillet 2022
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