Deadly Desires

by Michael Jones (Author)
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When Athenas Hernandez is murdered for the bloodthirsty monster he is, history is changed forever. Before his death, he promises to return from the depths of hell for his vengeance. He will wage war on the children of his captors and their children after that.

He appears to die, and peace is found—but it doesn’t last. Born again, Athenas becomes the owner and bartender of a place called Black Phallus. Those who visit discover hedonism at its best and bloody worst. This is a dark side walked by both the brave and sexually curious, but the cost is to cheat death. Not all will make it out alive.

Deadly Desires is a thrill ride that captivates the mind, teases the senses, and seduces the body. This is a nightmarish tale of blood, sex, evil, and pure cruelty. At the helm is a devil once killed but now raised for revenge and the feeding of his debauched fantasies

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July 08, 2022
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