Light the Dark

di Lee R. Roberts (Autore)
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Few people know about Cyndi Hawthorne’s dark past and she prays it will stay that way so she can move on in a new town, try to forget, and start over. Although her tormenter died over a year ago, his evil machinations unfortunately still follow her. Cyndi’s past has unquestionably taught her that few people can be trusted, especially men. The dark and brooding John Hawke is a wealthy, powerful, and successful entrepreneur who draws the attention of women wherever he goes. But his failed marriage to his one-time best friend has taught him an important lesson that women are for pleasure, not for forever. Both John and Cyndi are convinced that they are on the right paths, dictated by the valuable lessons they have learned. But when John finds himself inexplicably drawn to the one woman he believes in and Cyndi’s past catches up with her and places her life in danger, will either be able to move past their beliefs and trust issues to find much-needed light in the darkness? In this suspenseful romance, fate brings a woman with a shadowy past
together with a wealthy entrepreneur determined to protect his heart, and leads them on a journey frought with peril.

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07 luglio 2022
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