Jeremiah Creed

The Broken Spur
by Otis Morphew (Author)
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From mumblety peg, to throwing his father’s hunting knives, pocket knife, butcher, or paring knives, little did an eight year old son of a wealthy Planta-tion owner in North Central Louisiana know that one day, he would become very accurate and lethal with a knife of any size and shape….But he was.
From shooting rabbit and squirrel with a slingshot, to firing his father’s flint-lock firearms, little did an eight year old Jeremiah Creed know that he would one day be very accurate and lethal with a firearm of any caliber and size…But he was.
He also did not know that one day he would become quite famous…He was that, too. This is the whole story, the life and future legend of a man that some-day would become the old West’s very first fast-draw Gunfighter…JEREMIAH CREED

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July 07, 2022
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