Camel in the Tent

by Peter E Wilcock (Author)
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Camel in the Tent is a unique personal development guide certain to captivate and inspire every reader. This is the modern day Who Moved My Cheese.It teaches self-help in a uniquely memorable method, through a series of stories, brought to life by using animal parables. These are woven within the fascinating relationship between two people who turn their chance encounter into a journey of discovery.
The reader is engaged from the very first page as the main character, Exley Manning, shares the wisdom amassed throughout his colourful life. His young student becomes entranced as their friendship develops and Exley shares his stories of personal growth and empowerment. This book is the story of how one man’s philosophy and the unique way in which he uses analogies to teach, transforms the thinking of his young friend as he unlocked the secret to his own version of bliss.
Storytelling at its finest, each animal parable will motivate and empower the reader to follow their own path of personal growth and find their version of bliss.

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July 11, 2022
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