Are You the Unchurched?

How to Develop an Authentic Relationship with God inside or outside of Church
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The "Unchurched" are Christians who do not attend regular church services. Unchurched Christians tend to be Progressive, independent-minded, and critical thinkers. Many of us are looking for ways to form community with others irrespective of race, background, or sexuality. Do you see yourself reflected in these definitions of the Unchurched? If so, Gabrie'l J. Atchison has written this book for you!

In this book, Atchison lays out a path for you to connect (or reconnect) with God, whether you choose to do this inside or outside of a church. The tools you will need to relate to God are already inside you. As you set out on your journey, you will find that the best expression of love for God lies in loving all of God's people and by caring for all of God's Creation. The author's hopes are that you will have increased joy and purpose in life, and that you will feel better able to show compassion to others and to yourself.

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July 11, 2022
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