It's Not Me It's You

An addictive and gripping new page-turning thriller!
de Charlotte Bigland (Auteur)
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'THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!... I didn't see the final twists coming at all... I was literally up until 3 a.m. getting it finished and don't regret a second. It's impossible to put down!' NetGalley review, 5 stars

The last man I dated... ended up dead.

Jen is a normal, single woman living in a big city. By day, she's a receptionist and by night, she goes on dates. Lots of dates. Because Jen knows if she is going to find true love, it's a numbers game.

All of Jen's dates end with the same crushing sense of disappointment and she finds herself silently uttering those five familiar words: 'It's not me, it's you.'

But now it seems Jen is more than just unlucky in love. The police have knocked on her door with some questions for her.

The last five people she went on dates with have been murdered. And Jen is their prime suspect.

As she fights desperately to prove her innocence, she must ask herself, who would have a motive to kill those five people? And if the only thing connecting them is her, will she be next?

An absolutely gripping and addictive psychological thriller with a killer twist you won't see coming. Fans of K.L Slater, Sue Watson and Netflix's You will be totally hooked from the first page until the final, breath-taking conclusion.

Readers are gripped by It's Not Me It's You:

'I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this book and need to read a few chapters before going back to sleep!' NetGalley review, 5 stars

'Gripping read that I couldn't put down and read in one sitting' NetGalley review, 5 stars

'I couldn't put it down... Great story... Has you guessing who done it right to the end' NetGalley review, 5 stars

'A totally gripping read... Found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously' NetGalley review, 5 stars

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Date de publication
16 août 2022
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1 Mo
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