From the Tent

A Spiritual Journey
by Ricky LezAma (Author)
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During a time of great despair, hardship, and loneliness, Ricky finds himself in a tent in the mountains, alone and surrounded by wilderness. One fateful day, Ricky becomes trapped during an unexpected blizzard. While completely buried in snow, Ricky thinks he will soon take his last breath. However, as life flashes before his eyes, Ricky has an epiphany.

Ricky realizes he has not been living his own life. He has been pursuing dreams not his own but, instead, dreams dictated to him by society. The fake, empty dreams he has created have led him down a path of sadness, fear, depression, and anxiety, leaving him stranded and alone in the storm. With this insight, the pressure that has controlled his life ceases, and Ricky knows what he must do next.

From the Tent: A Spiritual Journey takes readers through the vastness of new physical and spiritual realms of wonder and wisdom. This book aims to bring unity between people and access to the unseen side of our duality. Ricky’s story will help people discover their true purpose and live a life of joy, abundance, faith, and love, regardless of their past or present circumstances.

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July 13, 2022
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