Love Never Fails, Second Edition

The Story of Jacob and Bertha Vande Kappelle: Missionaries to Latin America
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Love Never Fails is Robert Vande Kappelle's biographical tribute to Jacob and Bertha Vande Kappelle, career missionaries to Latin America. The book introduces the reader to two contrasting nations, placid Costa Rica and turbulent Colombia. During Jake and Bert's seven terms as missionaries, democracy and Marxism contended for the soul of Latin America. Against this backdrop, Catholic and Protestant traditions clashed, and then cooperated, in their struggle against poverty and disbelief. The book narrates the spiritual conflict while highlighting the opportunities created when individuals of faith contend against forces of superstition and despair. Love Never Fails will cause all readers to evaluate the meaning of faith and look for renewal of heart and mind.
This second edition, an updated and abbreviated version of the popular first version, eliminates the photographs of the original version while adding new material to the preface and abbreviating the ending. Nevertheless, it contains the vivid narrative and the inspiring stories of the original, all designed to make the volume more affordable to the public.

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July 01, 2022
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