The Awakening
by Simmons,Danny (Author)
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Until now, explosions, lies, and espionage have never been a regular part of his life. Blake Cavanaugh walks through his mundane, ordered life day after predictable day. His career as a human resource employee in a calm, uneventful West Texas CIA office is tidy and safe…that is until he overhears a whisper that draws him into a path of discovery: He is captivated by her name. Has his past caught up with him?

As he gets deeper and deeper into the Firefly documents, he is instinctively drawn to the familiar symbols, names, and places that conjure up powerful emotions he can’t shake. Could it be her?

He is chased by this mystery across three continents into a secret world that challenges every fiber of his predictable life as he draws upon his untested skills in handling guns and deciphering codes. Driven by the irresistible encounters and haunted by the stinging pain of the past, Blake must face his fears in this new upside-down world of immense obstacles, not the least of which has been hiding inside him his entire life. And when he meets an unlikely ally who knows more than she should, it only uncovers more questions. Will he find the answers, or did he truly lose everything he loved so many years ago?

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July 19, 2022
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