Conversations and the Human Experience

A Self-Instructional Program to Improve How We Talk to Each Other
by Selma Wassermann (Author)
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The main thesis of this book is that words have power. They have power to nourish – to add substantially to the way people feel about themselves. They also have power to hurt – to diminish another’s feelings about self. The words we use to each other can bring us closer together or drive us further apart.

The materials in the book provide readers with opportunities to examine and reflect on the relationship between human interactions and the development of positive human relationships, specifically how conversations work to enable positive relationships or diminish them.

These include being able to “tune in” to what the other person is saying, freeing oneself from the need to judge, being respectful, and having a clear and non-defensive idea of what is coming out of one’s mouth.

The materials in the book also provide a self-instructional program to develop one’s skills in using human interactions that build more positive relationships.

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July 26, 2022
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