When Spirits Speak: Stiltbird's Last Supper

A Frequency Interrupted - A New Beginning
by Jeri K. Tory Conklin (Author)
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She is a gifted communicator with the Spirit World. Her latest journey into last meals of executed prisoners and food choices for letting go of her past, challenges each of us to think about what our last meal choices might be and why. Thinking she was done, the Spirit World challenged her to pick a food to celebrate a new beginning as she returned to working with the Spirit World after a lengthy illness. Lessons learned, Soul Groups, Energy Centers/Chakras and recipes make this another of her inspirational books.

This book challenges one to think about the food choices they would make if it was to be their last day on earth or letting go of a past. Or, perhaps, to celebrate a new beginning. Lessons learned, Soul Groups, Energy Centers/Chakras and recipes make this another of her inspirational books.

In Jeri Conklin’s latest book, “When Spirits Speak: Stilt Bird’s Last Supper, her ability to communicate with the Spirit World allows us to experience not only her own story of celebrating her past, making way for her new beginnings, but also that of Johnny as he looks back on his life and was the inspiration for this book. Jeri challenges you to think about what your symbolic “last meal” would be if given the chance to leave your old way of life behind and choose a new beginning.
Peggy Wier, Contributing Editor, Sporting Breed Magazine

“The Writer” carefully crafts the story of John Adam Buck, his life and death, as told through the Spirit World. The choice of Johnny’s last meal on earth allows the author to weave three stories. That of Johnny Buck, that of Soul Groups and ultimately, the story of her own spiritual path being interrupted, and reborn. This little book is packed with messages. If you are drawn to the idea of your last meal, or drawn to the discovery of your own Spiritual Journey, this book is for you! Bon voyage. You will Enjoy it!
Linda Ouellette, Spiritual Trainer for the Canine World

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July 17, 2022
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