A Driven Life

How to Drive Yourself into Serenity
by Richie Mann (Author)
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Have you ever felt an uncontrollable, seething rage while stuck in traffic?

Have you ever fantasized about performing unspeakable acts to that person who just cut in front of you?

Do you feel like Dr. Jekyll before you enter your vehicle, and Mr. Hyde once you put the key in the ignition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to take a ride with Richie Mann to explore what’s underneath all that anger and aggressive behavior when you are driving.

The author set about writing the book after reflecting on an uncomfortable incident on the New York State Thruway, which resulted in him pulling alongside another driver, sticking out his middle finger, and delivering a profanity-laced rant.

He began thinking about all the times he’s gotten angry while driving and different ways he’s expressed his anger, and decided it was time for a change. There was enough material to write a book.

Join the author as he speeds down an emotional highway and shares lessons on overcoming obstacles, coping with emotions, and getting to your destination in A Driven Life.

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July 17, 2022
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