Thoughts on Demand

Turn Negative Self-Talk into Unstoppable Confidence
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Procrastination, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and lack of confidence all find their roots in the negative messages we tell ourselves. Turning those negative messages around brings clarity, confidence, encouragement, and possibility.

In this guide to turning negative self-talk into unstoppable confidence, Paul Boehnke, a certified life coach and musician, shares a proven process to getting your life on track. He explains how to:

•overcome self-doubt to discover self-worth;
•recognize the lies we believe and why we believe them;
•move past roadblocks to the truth;
•alleviate the suffering caused by negative self-talk.

The author also tackles topics such as fear, surrender, wholeness, and how a broader perspective can help you live into your unique purpose.

Reprogram your critical inner voice and change your life for the better with the lessons and insights in this self-help guide.

“Anyone who desires to experience their life as the the expansive, joy-filled dance it can be absolutely must read—and re-read—Thoughts on Demand!”
Bridgette Simmonds, Life and Leadership Coach

“This book is so filled with wisdom and kindness.”
Dr. Lisa Kaplin, Psychologist/Coach

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18 juillet 2022
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