By Still Waters

Meditations from the Bible to Encourage and Inspire
by David Purchase (Author)
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He leadeth me beside still waters; He restoreth my soul.

That is a portion of Psalm 23, which shares a critical message—one that is meant to encourage, inspire, and restore Christians and others of all ages to develop a love and appetite for the Scriptures and for the Lord.

The fifty-two chapters in this book—one for each week of the year—are meditations on the grace of God. The author considers questions such as:

How is the Word of God a living Word?

With what attitude should we worship the Lord?

How can we expect the Lord to answer our prayers if we are not obedient to His Word as we should be?

How can we be fervent and effective in prayer?

History shows how we’ve progressed from manpower to horsepower, then to TNT and dynamite, to atomic power, and now to nuclear power. But greater than all of these forces combined is the power of prayer.

To any reader who does not know the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord, may you be drawn to Him in faith as you read of His wonderful love.

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July 21, 2022
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