A Lifetime of Adventures

by DuBois,E. James (Author)
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Timothy Sands and Brett Corson forge through life together as best friends. The two preteen boys begin their journey while vacationing with several other families at Cooper’s Camp in Muncie Valley, Pennsylvania. Camping helps establish the warning of checking your boots for snakes. Primitive camping facilities does not infringe on cooking great meals, especially breakfast. The outhouse facilities and lack of running water are amenities that are tolerated but not embraced.

The friends experience the tragedy of having a friend kidnapped. They also share a high school class trip to Germany. Tim learns that volunteering for anything can be rewarding, but there can also be unpleasant consequences. Tim and Brett feels society’s disdain for Vietnam veterans. However, they ultimately establish a challenging annual mountain brotherhood experience for veterans. During one wheelchair challenge, the veterans’ pickup basketball team faces the West Point basketball team. The cadets are outmatched.

The two friends share adventures in life to include business opportunities. Their businesses are thriving, but the two friends see the need to adjust their business model to keep up with advancements in technology to remain viable. Tim ultimately establishes a new business to accommodate an unfortunate disability he experiences as a result of a rescue. Tim does not allow his disabilities to define him. Thus, he embodies the meaning of an “overcomer.” Tim’s acceptance of his disabilities is a lesson learned well by his daughter in a way that she ultimately overshadows her father’s popularity.

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July 25, 2022
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