Summary of M. William Phelps's Love Her to Death

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 On July 22, 2008, EMT Cory Showalter was the first responder to the Roseboro house. He noted that the husband appeared calm, breathing normally, and not gasping for air. He was not dripping wet.

#2 Firestone noticed several tiki torches around the pool, and the entire area was well lit by spotlights from the house. Roseboro was standing nearby, dressed only in red boxer shorts, with no expression on his face.

#3 The AED took a reading of Jan’s vital signs and indicated whether to shock her heart with the paddles or continue manual CPR. It didn’t mean she was dead, but it did mean that she had no pulse.

#4 As the ambulance took off with Jan Roseboro, her husband, Michael, stood by and watched. He never approached the ambulance or asked anyone about his wife.

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