Summary of Ann Rule's A Fever in the Heart

by Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 In the third volume of my true crime files, I have chosen four cases that share a common theme: personal betrayal. The victims have trusted their killers over a long time, and in one case, the victims have put their faith too quickly in the wrong men.

#2 In 1975, the Friday before Thanksgiving was icy and bleak. In the spring, Yakima, and all of Yakima County, is scented by what seems like a continuous froth of apple and peach blossoms from a thousand orchards. However, in the last dark week of November 1975, Yakima was bitterly cold with lowering clouds that promised snow all day but never quite delivered by the time night fell.

#3 Gerda Lenberg lived in a duplex at 506 East Lincoln in Yakima. She always described where she lived precisely: On the right-hand side on the corner of Sixth and Lincoln-or off Lincoln and the alley. She was never really sure what time it was, but she could see it was somewhere between five or ten minutes after two in the morning.

#4 Dale Soost, a systems analysis programmer, was waiting for his friends to pick him up after hearing gunshots at 2:05 A. M. He noticed a woman walking down the lawn next to his apartment house. They figured she was coming out in her robe to get the morning Yakima Herald Republic.

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