Nature Whispers as the Trees Speak

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Metaphor for My Mind

Clear the clutter from my mind;
Thoughts upon thoughts
Leave me blind.

Clear the clutter,
Poison ivy of the mind.
Clip entangled vines that bind.

Pruned away now,
Useless past behind,
Thoughts depart, leaving
Peace of mind.

For author Christine J. K. Kanakis, the purpose of writing it to understand herself more completely. She both reads and creates in response to the need to find out more than she is already conscious of and to connect with a person or spirit on a parallel path of exploration, searching for understanding of the truth within all of us.

Nature Whispers as the Trees Speak presents a poetic collection about self-discovery through adventuring in natural surroundings, spending time experiencing different cultures, and pausing long enough to notice the unity of all creation. When we awaken to the knowledge that we are all connected, we experience gratitude, and a desire emerges to wish all a healthy and prosperous existence. Each new day provides an opportunity to scrap old patterns of thinking and embark on an adventure of self-discovery.

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24 juillet 2022
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