The River Rages

by C.K. Norris (Author)
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Following a nasty divorce, Cary has rebuilt her life and found a new career path: researching family trees and genealogies for a variety of clients. In her late thirties now, she’s setting off to Oklahoma to do some family research for Frank and Bella Duncan—though an unexpected meeting with their eldest son, Zack, gives her visit a rocky start.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger in a cemetery, however, Cary’s search takes on an odd twist. She uncovers documents suggesting that there might be a murderer among the members of the Duncan family. Now she feels driven to discover the truth about the death of young woman fifteen years in the past, even if it puts her life in jeopardy. Her instincts tell her the supposed murderer is innocent—but can she trust those instincts?

In this novella, a genealogical researcher traveling for her work finds herself facing an unexpected and potentially dangerous mystery.

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July 24, 2022
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