Post COVID 19 Long Hauler Symptoms Diagnosis & Management Handbook & Mobile Application

Physician and Patient Assistance Handbook to Distinguish Between Chronic Illness or COVID related Illness
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When the virus enters the human system and can invade any system with ACE2 receptor which exists in many health cells, the virus uses the receptor to enter healthy cells and replicates as results the cytokine storm triggered by the immune system to fight the virus can ravage human systems randomly and causes multisystem injuries by fighting healthy cells.

System can be affected by COVID-19 and can trigger long symptoms. This injury involves the following:

Neurological system

Cardiovascular system heart inflammation

Respiratory system lungs alveoli damage

Liver damage

Renal system kidney damage

Gastrointestinal system

Endocrine systems glands and hormones imbalance

Pancreas and beta cell damage which triggers diabetes

This book is intended to assist physicians in identifying these symptoms as COVID-19-related illnesses or chronic illnesses and provide them with streamline recommendations of diagnosis and imaging.

Note: Treatment of the defined illnesses is beyond the scope of this document.

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July 26, 2022
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