A House Rabbit Primer, 2nd Edition

Understanding and Caring for Your Companion Rabbit
de Lucile C. Moore (Autor)
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Library Journal reviewed the first edition and said, “This book should be required reading for anyone interested in keeping pet rabbits and is recommended for public libraries.”

The first edition is widely recognized in the rabbit community as the most authoritative book published on keeping house rabbits as pets.

Author Lucile C. Moore is a widely recognized expert on rabbits. She holds a Ph.D. in biology with a specialty in animal behavior.

Pet catalogs and pet stores and chains (PetSmart, Petco, Unleashed, etc.) are obvious sales targets outside libraries and the general book trade.

A House Rabbit Primer, 2nd Edition has been expanded to include more photos, new stories and care hints from experienced rabbit caretakers, and additional information on healthy rabbit diets. This new edition also features more detailed instructions on how to groom pet rabbits, as well as suggestions on how to care for special needs rabbits. In addition to up-to-date information on many rabbit diseases, there are tips on creating a first-aid kit for rabbits as well as providing emergency care.

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16 de agosto de 2022
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