Millennial Medicine

Critical Path to Rooting out Cancer in Twenty-Five Years
by Victor Shane (Author)
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Attention, millennials: Before you know it, you will inherit the health care mess that previous generations have left behind. How will history judge you?

Will it show that you made smart decisions to battle diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases? Or will it show that you came and went, and nothing changed?

In this book, the author examines why so many people continue to die from cancer, which President Richard Nixon declared war on in 1971. Half a century and billions of taxpayer dollars later, it continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Get answers to questions such as:

• How have beliefs about medicine changed over time?

• How can we understand the ontology of cancer?

• How is our body like an automobile engine?

• Why have we made so little progress in fighting cancer and other diseases?

Other topics include DNA mutations, why cancer starts in the first place, thermodynamics and how it relates to disease, and the instability of life.

Get a blueprint to look at cancer and health in a new way with the insights in Millennial Medicine.

“Victor Shane in Millennial Medicine presents a strong and detailed argument that the attack on the plague of cancer should be aimed at what many believe is its root cause: the malfunctioning of the cell’s repair mechanism, the mitochondria. Shane then associates this malfunctioning as due to the mitochondria receiving malnutrition, the junk foods and processed foods that we feed it. An interesting nuance in the search for a cure.”

—Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph.D., Jerusalem, Israel

“In his wide-ranging book, Shane skillfully points out the mounting empirical evidence that modern nutritional deficits may contribute to cancer and clearly offers some valuable advice about healthy eating and lifestyles.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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July 26, 2022
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