Banned History is all the juicy bits of History which were excluded from your lessons at school. It unashamedly probes into the darker side of some of Britain’s most admired leaders, as well as exploring the hateful and depraved nature of humanity across the last 5000 years.

Banned History answers questions which are deliberately avoided by the school curriculum due to the negative light Britain may be portrayed such as the real reason why Britain didn't bomb Auschwitz and how the Transatlantic Slave Trade came into being. Topical issues such as whether Churchill was a racist and how homophobia developed and spread across the world are explored in depth. Concepts which are too horrific to ever feature in the school curriculum are investigated to reveal how many years it takes for incest to wipe out a family; what the most effective method of torture is; and what kind of person tastes best.

Written in a bright and breezy tone, Banned History is full of fascinating facts such as who discovered dolphins (and who fell in love with one); why America got involved in the Vietnam war; why Russia turned communist; how Martin Luther King got his name; how many people Europe killed with their colonisation of the Americas; and when and why the British government legalised men hitting their wives. Welcome to the sort of History you definitely didn’t get taught at school.

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August 11, 2022
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