Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed

How to Lead the Modern Workforce
by Larry G. Linne (Author), Drew Yancey (Author)
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Modern employees are tired of command and control management. Employees are looking for personal growth, purpose, and a different lifestyle than prior generations of employees. These employees are in a market where they can have flexibility in how they work and where they work. They want and can demand choices in the work environment.

This new workforce must be lead differently. We must lead them with clear expectations that are objective vs subjective and provide the support, tools, and development necessary to grow within our firms. If we do not, they will move on and find growth elsewhere. Great companies will be the ones who find and keep the best talent.

“Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed” explains the current work environment, then describes a model of leadership (Reverse Performance Leadership) that provides objective clarity of performance expectations for any position and potentially the first performance management system that builds better managers, leaders, and employees. The real gem is the field guide breaking down every detail of how to create objective expectations, leadership process, compensation, hiring, developmental plans, and success stories to build a custom performance leadership system.

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July 28, 2022
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