Jesus Changes Everything!

Devotions for Advent and Lent
by Deanna Atkinson (Author)
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Sometimes stories as familiar as the Christmas and Easter stories become just that: stories. We have heard them so many times that we don’t really hear them anymore. Through story-poems, most of which are told from the perspectives of those who lived these stories, Jesus Changes Everything invites you to relive these history-changing events.
Be amazed with Mary as she hears Gabriel’s incredible news and accepts God’s plan for her life. Respect Joseph as he reacts to shocking news with honor and obedience. Travel to Bethlehem and witness the birth of a tiny baby in a humble manger. Join the shepherds, the first to visit the Savior and worship the Lord. Marvel with Simeon who recognizes the Messiah as he lovingly holds Him in his arms. Oh, Christmas changed everything!
Then fast-forward to Jesus’ last days on Earth. Travel with Him into Jerusalem and watch Him teach and overturn the Temple tables. Agonize with Him in the garden of Gethsemane; observe Him then as He rises resolutely to meet His captors. Watch, if you can, the injustice of His trials and hear with horror His sentence: crucifixion. Behold His suffering, death, and burial. Then rejoice with His resurrection! Celebrate His victory--our victory--over sin and death. Yes, Easter changed everything.
Once we meet Jesus, our lives will never be the same. He became one of us, loved us, taught us, and redeemed us. Thank God, Jesus Changes Everything!

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